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Episcopal Apartments OF the Slate Belt

684 American-Bangor Rd.
Bangor, PA 18013


  1. Abandonment of the Unit: In the event Management suspects abandonment due to an unannounced, extended absence, Management mayenter the apartment to conduct an emergency inspection and attempt to notify the resident. This notification will be sent to the resident’s address on-site and to any emergency contact addresses listed in the resident file. If the household does not respond within fifteen (15) days of the date of the notice, Management will take appropriate legal action, including the termination of assistance and possible eviction. Abandoned property shall be disposed of by management accordance with state laws.
  2. Absences from the Apartment: Residents may be absent from their apartment (other than for medical reasons) for no more than 60 cumulative days, not necessarily consecutively, in any 12-month period (calendar year). In cases of illness or confinement in a hospital or nursing care facility, a resident may be absent from her/his apartment for up to 180 days as long as her/his physician will document that an eventual return to the apartment is still a realistic possibility. Residents who will be away from their apartment over night or longer must notify Management by completing and turning into the Rental Office an EASB Away Slip prior to their departure.
  3. Alcohol: Use of alcohol is not allowed in any common areas and public drunkenness is strictly prohibited. Residents who engage in disruptive behavior as a result of the use of alcohol, who tolerate such behavior by their guests, or who pose a threat to the health, safety and welfare or the property of others are in violation of their lease agreement. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in lease termination.
  4. Alterations: Residents may not alter their apartment from its original condition. This includes additional carpeting, tile, installation of satellite dishes, painting, etc. Residents shall not put excessive holes in the ceiling, or walls, scorch or cut countertop, burn the carpet or allow water to overflow basins. Use of stick-on picture hangers and sticky shelf paper is prohibited. Installation of additional locks is not allowed.
  5. Antennas/Satellite Dishes: Exterior antennas, satellite dishes, and antenna splitters are prohibited.
  6. Appliances: Additional appliances such as window air conditioners, washers or dryers, freezers and extra refrigerators cannot be installed or stored in a resident’s apartment. Replacement of supplied appliances with personal resident appliances is not permitted.
  7. Considerate/Responsible Behavior: In consideration of others, residents should keep radios, stereos, and televisions turned down so as not to disturb their neighbors. Quiet hours are observed from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. Residents who continually disturb the community through such means as loud noise are in violation of their lease. Continued complaints of excessive noise are grounds for eviction.
  8. Residents shall not engage in any conduct that would affect the health, safety and welfare of residents or persons on the premises, or threaten the physical condition of the building.

  9. Damage Charges: Whenever damage is caused by carelessness, misuse or neglect by a resident, his/her family member, visitor, pet, or the prohibited use of tobacco products in the units, the resident is responsible for paying all repair costs within 30 days or for making arrangements for payment with Management.
  10. Death of Sole Family Member: It is the responsibility of the resident’s appointed representative to notify the rental office immediately to notify Management the date and time that the death occurred and to request a move-out reference sheet to comply with the facilities requirements for vacating a unit.In the event of the death of the sole family member of a household occurs it is the responsibility of the appointed resident representative as per the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to vacate the unit within fourteen (14) days from the date of the death. Failure to vacate the unit within the 14 day rule will require Management to pro-rate the daily rental amount at the current HUD approved contract rent amount. The rental payment for the month that the resident passed will be pro-rated and returned to the beneficiary along with the security deposit. The security deposit will be refunded in full provided that the apartment is left in good condition, any damages or cleaning costs required will be subtracted from the security deposit if necessary. If the security deposit in not enough to compensate the facility for any tenant caused damages beyond the allowable normal wear and tear the resident appointed representative will be invoiced for the remainder of the damage charges incurred over and above the amount of the security deposit and will have 30 days from the date of the invoice to make payment to the Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt.
  11. Dress: Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times in public areas. Nightclothes, bare feet, forms of nudity, or being partially clothed are prohibited.
  12. Employee Registration: Residents are required to register anyone employed to work on-site or in apartments, such as a chore worker, nurses or attendant. Residents must have prior written approval from the Manager to have a live-in attendant. The live-in attendant must meet all of the required HUD guidelines.
  13. Elevators: There is one elevator located in the building for resident convenience. Residents should not use elevator during an emergency.
  14. Emergencies: In the event of an emergency, residents should call 911 first then call the office. Please follow the suggested emergency procedures in the Emergency Evacuation Regulations booklet.
  15. Emergency Maintenance: All “emergency” maintenance problems should be reported immediately by calling (610) 863-7626 or by visiting the Rental Agents or Managers Office. An “emergency” constitutes any occurrence that is a threat to health, life or safety or is causing or may cause physical damage to the property.
  16. The following items may be considered emergency maintenance situations:

  17. Energy Conservation: Energy management devices are present in every apartment. Residents should turn off lights upon departure or when not in use, report all maintenance issues immediately, and n ever use the stove to heat the apartment.
  18. Firearms:Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt does not allow firearms on-site. The possession of illegal weapons by the resident or any member of the resident’s household is strictly prohibited. The reckless use or display of a firearm is considered a material noncompliance of the Lease Agreement. This includes the public display of weapons or the display of “play” articles that resemble actual weapons. Firecrackers of all types are also prohibited on property.
  19. Harassment: Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt strongly disapproves of and will not tolerate harassment of residents, staff or visitors. Harassment includes verbal, physical or other conduct that creates an intimidating, offensive or hostile living environment, or that interferes with the work of staff. Any incident of harassment should be reported promptly to Management.
  20. Hazardous Materials: Storage or use of any form of hazardous material on the property is not allowed.
  21. Illegal Drugs: The resident agrees upon threat of eviction not to:
  22. Inspections: Apartments inspections are conducted annually at the time of the resident’s annual recertification, at move-in and move-out. Management shall designate a day or days when the inspection will occur, and shall notify residents in writing 48 hours prior to the inspection. Residents will be charged for damage to apartment and common areas beyond normal wear and tear. Resident apartments should be clean and free of clutter, litter and hazards, such as fire and safety hazards.
  23. Keys/Lockouts: Residents should not duplicate more than two (2) unit keys for distribution to others (see Security Procedures for further instructions). Residents are not permitted to distribute back door keys or mailbox keys to anyone. A fee of $2.00 will be charged for lost keys. If duplicate keys are needed please submit your request for such in writing to the Rental Office requesting permission. Management will review your request and will respond to your request in writing within 3 business days. Management only handles lockouts as a courtesy and does not guarantee that personnel will always be able to perform this action for the resident.
  24. Laundry: A laundry facility is provided for daily resident use only. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen laundry items or the repair and maintenance of the laundry equipment. If you experience problems with any of the machines, notify the rental office and it will be reported to the laundry company and you will be reimbursed for lost monies.
  25. Move-out Procedures: Residents are required to give a full 30-day written notice in advance, and leave the apartment in a clean manner upon vacating it. A cleaning fee in the amount of $75.00 for one bedroom apartments and $100.00 for 2 bedroom apartments will be deducted from the security deposit in the event the apartment is not clean and/or debris is left behind upon vacating the unit. Residents must pay the final month’s pro-rated rent amount in full prior to departure. Residents are liable for rent up to the end of the 30-day notice period or the date the unit is re-rented, whichever comes first. Before permanently leaving his/her apartment residents must notify Management to schedule the move-out inspection, if the resident is unable to be present, the resident may authorize in writing a family member to attend the inspection on their behalf.
  26. Parking: Parking spaces are to be used for the resident’s personal vehicle only, and the auto must be registered, insured, and in operable condition. Parking spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis at move-in. Visitors must park in the back of the parking lot. Parking is prohibited on the emergency road around the building or in any grassy areas. Handicapped Parking spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you are in need of a handicap parking space during your tenancy, please submit your request in writing to the Rental Office to be placed on the waiting list for a handicap designated parking space. Trailers, RVs, Motor homes, and any other over-sized recreational vehicle are not allowed on property. Driving through the parking lot is restricted to 10 miles per hour. Riding scooters, skateboards, and roller blades in the parking lot or on the sidewalk is prohibited. Bicycle riding is limited to the parking areas and may not exceed 5 miles per hour. Parking in red zones is restricted for use by emergency vehicles. No repairs, oil changes, car washing, or other forms of vehicle maintenance are allowed on the premises. Any vehicle found violating any of the above or other state or federal regulations will be towed at the owner’s expense. Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt does not assume responsibility for the safety of resident vehicles.
  27. Paying Rent: Rent is due on the first of each month. There is a “grace period” of five days. Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt does not accept cash. All payments must include the resident’s name, apartment number, and be made payable to Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt or EASB. Payments can be delivered via first-class mail to 684 American Bangor Road, Bangor, PA 18013 or in person to the rental office. Delinquent accounts may be turned over to an attorney for legal action. If you do not pay your rent, you will be evicted.
  28. Pest Control: Pest control is required in all apartments. All apartments will be exterminated on a scheduled basis. A 24-hour notification will be delivered to residents. Residents should notify Management, in writing, if they have an allergy that may be irritated by pest control.
  29. Pets: Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt is a pet friendly environment. Pets are not allowed on property or in an apartment without the written permission of Management. Only certain pets are acceptable in accordance with the HUD approved Pet Rules, such as four legged fur bearing animals and service animals. Each resident is limited to one pet or type of smaller pet (fish, birds). Service animals to assist residents and visitors are allowed on property. Proof of current licenses and inoculations is required. A Pet Lease must be signed prior to entry of a pet and the resident must agree to annually register his/her pet. A pet deposit of $150 is due after receiving approval from Management for a pet. The pet deposit may be paid in full at the time of move-in or with an initial deposit of fifty dollars ($50.00) and then $10.00 per month until the full $150.00 deposit has been satisfied. The pet deposit shall be maintained with the original security deposit of the tenant. Visiting pets are not allowed.
  30. Posting Materials: A special bulletin board has been designated in the lobby for resident posting of materials. Residents are not allowed to remove any materials except his/her own, and shall not deface or remove any posted materials.
  31. Recertification of Income: Each year every resident’s financial information is reviewed and recertified to comply with requirements of HUD (Dept. of Housing and Urban Development). All residents are required to provide information on all sources of income and assets, as well as out-of-pocket medical expenses when applicable. Residents must comply with the recertification process on time or risk losing their rental subsidy.
  32. Recreation/Activity Rooms: Recreation/Activity Rooms are available for daily resident use. Misuse and vandalism are not allowed. Residents can reserve the rooms for private functions for a refundable $25 cleaning deposit. All rooms must be clean upon vacating. Visitors are not permitted access or use of the Neighborhood Center.
  33. Renter’s Insurance: Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt does not provide any form of renter’s insurance to residents. Furthermore, Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt strongly recommends that residents invest in a personal renter’s insurance policy.
  34. Repairs/Maintenance Work Orders: Residents are required to report any repair item or work request for your unit to the rental office immediately upon notice. A work order will be submitted to maintenance for immediate repair. Please do not try to report your repair request or work request directly to the maintenance staff, it must be reported to the rental agent for processing before any work can be completed in your unit. Maintenance will not perform repairs to resident’s personal items such as motorized chairs, scooters, wheel chairs or medical apparatus and personal appliances such as microwaves, toasters, vacuums etc. Repairs needed on personal items are the responsibility of the resident and or the vendor the item was purchased from.
  35. Resident Requests/Grievance: All resident requests and grievances must be submitted in writing to the Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt Property Manager. All written requests and/or grievances must be signed and dated by the resident. When management receives a written request or grievance it will be reviewed and the Property Manager will schedule a meeting with the resident to discuss the matter within 24 hours. Management will not act on any request or grievance that is not submitted in writing. In the event that a resident does not agree with Management’s decision, the resident has the right to appeal Management’s decision. To file an appeal the resident may submit their request for an appeal in writing to the Property Manager. At that time the Property Manager will schedule a meeting with a member of the Episcopal Apartments Board of Directors and will advise the resident in writing of the time and date of the meeting. The final decision of the Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt’s Director will be put in writing and mailed, within five (5) days from the date of the meeting, to the resident and a copy will also be sent to the Property Manager.
  36. Security Deposit: All residents are required to pay a security deposit equal to one month’s Total Tenant Payment or $50, whichever is greater. The deposit will be refunded upon move out if no rent is owed, the apartment is left in a safe and clean condition, and proper notice was provided. This refund or statement of charges will be sent to the resident’s last known address within thirty (30) days of the move-out date.
  37. Security Procedures: For safety reasons, Management recommends that apartment doors remain locked at all times, and each visitor’s identity should be checked prior to opening the door. Residents are prohibited from installing a different lock on apartment doors. Residents should never give a copy of an apartment key to anyone without prior written permission from Management. Residents are prohibited from giving thesecurity code for the main entrance door to anyone. Residents should not allow any other persons access to the building or the property except their own guests/visitors. Resident’s visitors are required to enter the facility from the main lobby entrance located at the front of the building. Visitors are required to sign in at the time of arrival and sign out at the time of departure. Visitors are not permitted to use the rear entrances of the facility, unless there is an extenuating circumstance, at which time the resident is required to submit their request in writing to Management and Management will respond in writing within 3 business days as to whether or not their request has been granted.
  38. Shopping Carts: Shopping carts/grocery baskets are available from the office. Abandonment of shopping carts in areas that block emergency exits is a health and fire hazard. Residents are required to return shopping carts to designated areas.
  39. Smoking: Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed in resident’s apartments or any other interior areas of the facility. Smoking outside of the building is limited to designated smoking areas located outside of the facility. Violation of the Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt’s Non- Smoking Policy is a breach of the resident’s lease (material non-compliance) and Rules and Regulations which can and will lead to eviction
  40. Smoke Detectors: Each apartment is equipped with smoke detectors. A damaged or disabled detector is a violation of the Lease Agreement and Pennsylvania State Law, and is subject to a fine and/or lease termination. Upon written request, strobe light smoke detectors will be installed for hearing impaired residents.
  41. Soliciting: No soliciting is allowed on the premises. This includes posting signs in windows.
  42. Snow Removal: Each resident is required to pay close attention to the local weather reports during the winter season. Residents are required to move their vehicles to the rear of the parking lot, the last 3 rows, when the weather reports are calling for snow in excess of 1 inch. When the front portion of the parking lot has been cleared of all the snow and ice, residents are required to move their vehicles to the front of the parking lot, so the last three (3) rows can be cleared of snow and ice. Management will not move resident vehicles under any circumstances. Residents who fail to move their vehicles will be in non-compliance of their lease terms and will be infracted to such.
  43. Trash Removal: For the convenience of the residents, trash rooms are located throughout the building. Residents are required to bag their trash in heavy duty trash bags (no paper bags) and close securely before placing trash into the trash rooms or trashchutes. Residents using syringes etc. must place all needles etc. into a hard, sealed container before placing into the trash. All boxes must be broken up and tied together before placing into the trash rooms. The Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt does not dispose of nor do we allow large items such as box springs, mattresses, furniture, televisions, appliances etc to be placed in the trash rooms or dumpsters. It is the resident’s responsibility to have these items removed from their apartments.
  44. Visitors/Guests: Visitors/guests are defined as any person not on the lease, application or HUD Form 50059. Visitors are welcome as long as they do not disturb health and well-being of other residents. Visitors and Guests are required to gain access to the facility by using the front entrance to the facility. Visitors and Guests are required to sign in upon arrival and sign out upon departure from the facility. Visitors are not permitted to gain access to the facility by using the rear entrances unless the resident has requested so in writing to Management and has received written permission from Management allowing for extenuating circumstances. It is the resident’s responsibility to inform Management of any prospective overnight guests and the length of time they will be visiting. Residents are responsible for all actions of their guests or visitors while on the property and must accompany any guest at all times when outside of their unit. Overnight guests may stay on an occasional basis not to exceed 14 cumulative days in any 12-month period (calendar year). Residents must limit their overnight guests to no more than two (2) persons at a time. Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by the resident or an adult when using building facilities. Children are not permitted to play in the common areas of the facility. Visitors are not permitted access or use of the Neighborhood Center. Unauthorized persons are subject to arrest for trespassing and/or loitering pursuant to the local Penal code.

I understand that the Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt’s Rules and Regulations are an attachment to the lease and will be strictly enforced to protect the health, safety and welfare of all residents.

The Property Manager or Rental Agent of the Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt has reviewed the House Rules and Regulations with me and I understand that they are an attachment to my lease and will be strictly enforced.

Signature:__________________________________ Date:___________________
Head of Household

Signature:__________________________________ Date:___________________
Spouse or Co-Head

Signature:__________________________________ Date:____________________

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